Our Products

Our products are made both locally and on the mainland in USDA inspected manufacturing plants.  In addition to our Hot Dogs and Portuguese Sausages, we have a wide range of ready to cook and fully cooked products.  We also have beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp products available.

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Turkey Sausage Links 5oz Pkg.
Fully Cooked, 10 links per package
$3.50 pkg.

Wahoo (Ono)

Beef Chuck Rib Stew
Beef Chuck Rib Stew (with bones) 3# bags
$6.65/lb ($19.95/bag)
Frank’s Foods Teri Patties
Frank's Foods Beef Teriyaki Patties 10lb case $55.00 or 2.5lb bag $14.98
Pupu Pac
1lb of 21/25 Shrimp & (approx) 2lbs of Deliciously Tender Local Beef Skirt Steak Tumbled in our Korean Sauce!
Temporarily Unavailable
Mini Surf & Turf
Includes 4-8oz NY Steaks & 1lb of Shrimp
Mahi Mahi
8oz Individually Packaged
70/100 per package $22/lb (2# average)

8oz pieces at $12.60/lb