Do you ship to the mainland?
Yes and interisland as well.  We send our products via Fedex and go with priority overnight because our items are perishable.  We ship out Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  Mainland orders are received in about 2 business days and interisland orders are received the next business day.

Besides the Big Island, where else are your products sold?
Oahu- Don Quijote and Marukai2
Maui- VIP Cash and Carry
California- Hosoda Brothers

Where are you located?
View map on Contact us page

Do you accept Food Stamps, EBT, or SNAP?
Yes.  Food Stamp customers are very important to us.

Do you do fundraisers?

Do you give prices over the phone?
Sure we do.  Please feel free to call and ask for a quote anytime.

If I pay for something today, can I pick it up next month?
We do not reserve products at our plant.


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