Frank’s Foods began in 1956-the brain child of a German immigrant who left Germany about 30 years before as a trained sausage maker looking for his place in the world.  Frederick “Frank” Frenz found his place here in Hawaii and after working for other people on Maui and the Big Island for about 15 years finally went on his own making products that were accepted by Big Island customers.  The two products that he made first where hot dogs and Portuguese sausage and these two products continue today to be our best sellers.
Frank’s Foods is run today by Frank Frenzs’ descendents who remain committed to his big picture;  always produce quality products, charge a fair price, and remember that our customers make everything possible because without them we have nothing.
Today we work as we were taught; quality first and prices as low as we can keep them.  Our product lines have slowly grown through the years spent with you (our customers) and it is you who decide what we sell with your purchases.  We thank you!

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