Our Products

Our products are made both locally and on the mainland in USDA inspected manufacturing plants.  In addition to our Hot Dogs and Portuguese Sausages, we have a wide range of ready to cook and fully cooked products.  We also have beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp products available.

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Beef Chuck Steak
Made from U.S. Choice Chuck Eye Roll
$8.59 per lb.
Beef Chuck Roast
Beef Chuck Roast
$8.34 per lb.
Boneless Beef Chuck Eye Roll
Boneless Beef Chuck Eye Roll
$8.05 per lb.
Beef casing Approx. 30 meters long
Approx. 30 meters long
$22.45 per set.
Boneless Beef Brisket
Great slow cooked meals
$7.95 per lb.
Beef BBQ 10lb Cases/ 2lb Bags
Great for the Grill 10lb Cases/ 2lb Bags
$87.90 per Case/ $18.50 Pkg
All Beef Patties

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Natural Bulk 6 inch Franks
6" Jumbo APPROX. 50PCS
5 lbs $24.40; 10 lbs $48.80
Red Bulk 5 or 6 inch Franks
5" approx. 100 pieces 6" approx. 80 pieces 6" Jumbo approx. 50 pieces
5 lbs $24.40; 10 lbs $48.80
Korean Style Chicken Teriyaki
$5.69 lb