Our Products

Our products are made both locally and on the mainland in USDA inspected manufacturing plants.  In addition to our Hot Dogs and Portuguese Sausages, we have a wide range of ready to cook and fully cooked products.  We also have beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp products available.

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Ground Turkey 1lb Tubes Frozen
Ground Turkey
$4.55 lb
Smoked Pork
Smoked Pork
Prices Vary
Ground Beef 80/20 Lean

1lb Frozen $5.25 lb
Chopped Beef
Made from U.S. Choice Chuck Eye Roll
Beef Honeycomb Tripe
Great for Tripe Stew!!!
$9.81per lb Cut/ 10 lb Case $8.82 lb
Beef Teriyaki 1lb Packages
Marinated and ready to go!
$9.99 per lb.
May’s Brand Beef Teriyaki Patties
Perfect for the GRILL!
$15.37 per bag/ $59.00 per case
Beef for Stew
Made from U.S. Choice Cross Rib Roast
$21.75 per bag/ $68.70 per case
Bone-In Beef Short Ribs
U.S. Choice Bone-In Short Ribs
$15.00 LB
Beef Strip Loin Steaks
New York Strip Loin Steaks
$10.99 per lb.
Beef Chuck Steak
Made from U.S. Choice Chuck Eye Roll
$9.79 per lb.
Beef Chuck Roast
Beef Chuck Roast
$9.59 per lb.